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Naraku's Barrier

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Cast Biographies

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.


Naraku is an evil demon with the power to change shape, a deceptive villian who will use ANYONE according to his own needs.

Before she encountered InuYasha, Kikyo was caring for Onigumo, a crippled bandit covered with bandages that covered his terrible burns.Onigumo was an evil man with much malice in his heart, with a lust for Kikyo, though he hates the fact that she is virtueous. He also knew she had possessen of the Shikon no Tama. Nothing would make him happier than to see the jewel defiled by evil and hate once more.

During that time, Naraku had a few failed attempts of removing all of the human-traces of Onigumo from his body,but at Mt. Haku, Naraku managed to finally become a true demon, transfering his human influence in his latest incarnation, Hakudoshi. However, Naraku still possessed feelings for Kukyo.

This is Naraku


is the first of Naraku's detachments.She is seen carrying around a mirror that can steal human souls and reflect attacks. She is quiet and never showing almost any kind of emotion.


He has a large spider mark,just like Naraku,but has no face.He comes across bandits and kills them and trys every face until he was satisfied.He had than came across a young priest named Muso.He had then killed the priest and took his face,and also had named himself Muso.Muso has no memories,he thinks that if he keeps killing people that he begin to rember who he actually is.After his encounter with InuYasha he goes to the old cave where Onigumo had once lived.He had suddenly rembered that he is Onigumo.Muso(Onigumo) can reshape his body,he can reform back to his normal form after he is hit by InuYasha.In the end Naraku reliezes that he is still to weak to have him seperated from him and absorbs Onigumo/Muso back.



Kagura is the second of Naraku's incarnation, Demons that are created from pieces of Naraku's body and given a life of their own. Kagura is an arrogant demon who has the ability to control wind with a fan in her Fuujin no Mai (Dance of the Blades) and Ryuuja no Mai (Dance of the Dragon) attacks. She can also command dead bodies to move around with her Shikabane Mai (Dance of the Dead).Kagura resents Naraku. She longs for her independence from Naraku, who uses her disembodied heart as his trump card to get her to do what he wants suffer.


Kohaku is a demon exterminator (that is still in training).His sister,Sango,his father and the rest of the villagers that were exterminators were sent to kill a demon at the lord's manor.A spider demon had landed on Kohaku's back that had controlled him.He was suddenly killing the exterminators(also his sister and his father)leaving them dead.Kohaku had then started serving under Naraku.


is Naraku's detachment, Hakudoushi was created while Naraku was undergoing his transformation into a true demon at Mount Hakurei. He is the embodiment of Naraku's human heart, but only Onigumo's perverse-nature and immorality made the transfer, leaving the human's feelings for Kikyo in the demon Naraku. Out of all of his incarnations, Narkau treasures Hakudoushi the most, as for his life depends on Hakudoushi's living.Hakudoushi has the power to go into the darkness of people's hearts


He can change into any shape

More Bios will be added soon

Naraku's Barrier